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Sock news

October 7, 2009

Have got two pairs of socks on the needles now – one for me, and one for my youngest daughter.

For me, I have Colinette’s Jitterbug in Copperbeech  and I’m using the Tidal Wave pattern by Deby Lake.   I’ve never worked with Jitterbug before, and I like the sproinginess of it.  The pattern is easy to do, too, and I think works well with the color of the yarn. 

For little daughter, I am doing plain stockinette stitching (after a 2 cm 2×2 ribbing), and am planning an afterthought heel.  Ribbing, heels, and toes will be, DV, blue, and the main part of the sock will be purple.   I’m using Paton’s Diploma Gold DK, and which we bought yesterday at the local fabric shop  after I raided the egg money and gathered up the found money in my drawer.  She knew she wanted purple, but didn’t know what other color until she looked at what there was.  I’m using dpns, cast on 48 stitches, and I hope they’ll turn out to fit her!

Right, now back to banana bread making!   I’m partway through, but for some reason thought updating my blog was important.  I am using the wheat I got from our farmer friend/fellow church member – Humber is the type.     More about wheat later….

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