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Wonderful quote about having a Down Syndrome child

October 28, 2009

This week in the news we’ve heard a report telling us that more babies with Down Syndrome are being conceived (and/or being detected better with modern methods) but also that more Down Syndrome babies are being aborted.    Nine in ten women told they have a D S child choose to abort – this means that although more Down Syndrome children are being conceived (largely because more women are delaying childbearing) fewer are actually being born.

There have been some very good articles and quotes from parents of Down Syndrome children in the news, too, on the heels of the report.     I loved the words of one mother who said, “Having a child with Down’s syndrome is not a punishment; that one extra chromosome doesn’t make him a booby prize.”    

It’s sad that her comment is such an accurate description of how people view Down Syndrome children and other children with mental or physical difficulties, but she is spot on both in her grasp of how people think, and in her understanding of the value of human beings .  

She is right, a Down Syndrome child is not a punishment:  he is, as every child God gives is, a blessing.

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