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A couple of resources

February 24, 2010

Since getting my mp3 player a few years ago I have been listening to a lot of podcasts – those and sermons were my main reason for wanting one in the first place.   I’ve listened to a good number of them but I wanted to mention 2 of them today.

They are both about survivalism – but if you are thinking of wild rants encouraging people to hole up in a bunker after collecting 189,539,343,000 MRE’s or tin cans of food, forget it.  Not that either are anti-bunker if that is what you really want, it’s just that the emphasis is more on a way of life that both enhances how you live now, while preparing for possible difficulties in your life in the future.

Much of the discussion about our lives now really encourages positive attitudes, situational awareness (both in your personal surroundings but also the political and economic climate) and healthy living and eating.  When discussing possible problems that may arise in future, little green aliens and men in black don’t feature much if at all, except in jokes.  The emphasis is on the more likely difficulties, such as job loss, disabling illness, local weather disasters, etc.  While neither men discount EMPs or  solar flares and the like, those things are not as probable  and so are not frequent topics of discussion.

There are more often discussions on gardening, food preservation and storage, preparing your car and home for winter weather, as well as things more typically associated with “survivalism.”   Getting out of debt and managing your money well are also big topics on both shows.

First is Jack Spirko’s podcast “The Survival Podcast”  and his forum which can be found on The Survival Podcast Jack covers a lot of topics and is heavily into gardening, especially the “permaculture” type – of which I know little but it does sound interesting.    You can have a look at his page to see what he has covered lately  – and he does cover a lot of things.  Look up his recipe for Beer Bread and give it a try!

Second is Bob Mayne’s podcast Today’s Survival Show and associated forum, found at Today’s Survival.  His approach is much different to Jack’s but I think they are both useful.   Bob has a more low-key presentation,  focusses a lot on mental preparation,  and uses a lot of analogies or picture-stories to get his points across.     I’ve recently enjoyed hearing podcasts on building your own first aid kits, and on “functional fitness” – both featuring interviews with forum members who have expertise in those subjects.

As an example of a useful, everyday thing I  learned, in the TSS show on “Functional Fitness”  I  recently learned that I can increase my suppleness and strength in my lower body and back simply by sitting on the floor more – a great way to increase my fitness that costs nothing and is easily integrated into my daily routine.

Sometimes some of the podcasts don’t appear to have much to offer me – but I often find I am mistaken.  Such was the case with Today’s Survival podcast on Desert Survival – not much desert here in England so I avoided it for a while!  But I listened and  learned some principals which can be applied  just about anywhere so I’m glad I listened and in fact I think I’ll listen again because it was so useful.    I had steered away a bit from the Functional Fitness one as well, thinking I would be berated for being so unfit and would be told I needed to do 100 pushups a day, as well as a lot of other unlikely things.  Instead I was encouraged to do really ordinary and even enjoyable things on a more regular basis.    (Ok there was some talk of runny noses and slobbering all over the grass, but I’m definitely not going there yet….)

The  forum associated with Today’s Survival show (find it on the TSS website) is interesting and you can meet some very nice people, especially if you join in the chats.   If you join the forum, please say that Rosesandtea sent you as you introduce yourself.

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