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What we’re up to lately

February 24, 2010

We had a nice week+ in Cornwall in late January.  I still need to deal with the photos dh took on his phone then, and share a few here.

I’m currently participating in Ravelry’s “Ravelympics” – a  period of challenging yourself to start and complete projects within the time frame of the Winter Olympics.    My goal was one pair of socks and in a moment of madness signed up for shawls too, but although I have made a good start on both projects I will complete neither, unless I really increase the time I spend knitting!  I’m on the foot part of my first sock and that is not too bad for me – if I can finish the first sock and get down the cuff of the second by Friday night I shall be quite pleased.

Since last autumn the whole family has been involved with target shooting (air rifle).  The younger ones go to a junior club on Saturdays and it has been very good.

Here are a couple of photos from last Saturday, Feb 20:

First, ds3 sending his target downrange:

Next, dd2 trying out prone shooting for the first time

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