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My book list for 2011

December 27, 2010

Although I still read a fair bit last year,  I have neglected reading a bit.  So a goal for 2011 is to read at least 1-2 chapters a day.    I’ve got a stack of books to get through, some I’ve already started.

A picture of my book stack:

Here is my book list:
Not in order:

Lt Col Dave Grossman:
On Killing*
On Combat

James Howard Kunstler:
World Made By Hand*
The Witch of Hebron

Gavin de Becker:
The Gift of Fear

Lewis Hill:
Cold Climate Gardening

Steve Solomon:
Gardening When it Counts

Susan Weed:
Herbal for the Childbearing Year

Seal and Seal:
Hedgerow Medicine

La Leche League:
The Art of Breastfeeding

Harold Gatty:
Finding Your Way without Compass or Map

Chris Ryan:
Zero Option

Stephen King:
Under the Dome

Lew Rockwell:
The Economics of Liberty (maybe not pictured)

also not pictured, and don’t have the author to hand – Women Who Run with the Wolves (coming from Amazon this week).

* denotes books I have started – I’m about 2/3 the way through On Killing.

and I will probably be adding in others, I do like Puritan theology as well as some modern Christian lit from a Reformed perspective.

I hope to be adding to my prepping/survival library too; it’s an ongoing thing.

If I get into the breastfeeding counselling course I hope to, then I will have books on that to buy and read.

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