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Our 2011 Garden has begun!

March 20, 2011

I’m now in the process of starting our third “real” garden.   We’ve got our raised beds, set up over the last two years, but the plastic on the mini-greenhouses has failed so I may need to fork out for another one.  Dh is going to try to rig up a new plastic bit on them but i’m not sure how that will work.

I think I won’t need any more new compost either, as I have a couple of unused bags from last year.  I did buy two bags of seed compost this year.

I’m trying to use pots and seed trays I already have.  Many of my plastic pots were broken over the winter, yet I still have quite a few left.

Dh chopped down a tree/shrub that was growing from the fence sideways into the garden yesterday.  Today, with an axe, saw and some eye protection ds2, under dh’s supervision, is trying to take away the stump or at least level it.  Dh is thinking next to the fence will be a better place for the mini greenhouses instead of strapped to the tree and climbing frame as they were last year.

You can see in the above picture two of the empty raised beds.

Here are some more-

One of the major things to do at the beginning of my gardening season is to get the chickens penned back up.  From about mid-November to mid-March they have the freedom of the garden as their area gets little sunlight at that time, and there is nothing in the garden they can really disturb.   Now, however, they need to be constrained.

Here are some in their proper places:

However I have escapees!   Dd1 and I need to clip the wing feathers of a couple of them, and we need to sort out the bottom of the gate because that is how the bantam escapes.

This last week I sowed a number of things to start them indoors.  Much of my crop must be started that way.   We have a longer growing season than parts of the US, yet the cloudy weather in England can give us fewer sunny days than even the parts with shorter frost-free seasons.

I can’t remember all of what I sowed.   Some of them are:
Amish Paste tomatoes (H)
Orange Banana tomatoes(H)
Cheyenne Bush pumpkins(H)
Unknown pumpkins
Corno di Toro Rosso peppers
some other peppers
Verde di Italia zucchini(H)
Paris Pickling cucumbers(H)
(H = heirloom variety)
and a few other things.  I’ve got a tray upstairs on my window sill and still have trays to sow.   Here are some on the front room window sill:

Here are some seed potatoes I bought last week and seeds I bought today:

The potato varieties are Ceasar [sic] and Kestrel.

in the packets are a mixed variety of courgettes and summer squash (some I hope I can plant out front in an area we have)
An Eastern European variety of cucumber (Bohemia F1)
Broccoli (Calabrese type, Olympia F1)
Brussels Sprouts (Brilliant, F1)
Carrot (Rondo) – a round type, hopefully should do well in my imperfect soil
Courgette (zucchini –  Eight Ball F1 – – this is a round one)
Carrot – Purple Haze F1

So off we go!!

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