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Well that was a long hiatus

April 21, 2011

The week after the mango jam making I got sick.   I have frequent migraines that get me down, but I am rarely ill for long in other ways.   This year was different.   I came down sick with some intestinal virus that only gave me bad symptoms for three days, but I was still ill with headache and weakness for two more days.  The following week I was still very weak and couldn’t do much.  The next week on, I had migraine five days out of six.    I’m finally feeling better this week and I am very grateful.

One lesson I learned was (again) needing to trust God in all things.  I had been very disappointed on Saturday the 26th March, as because I had gone on a sponsored walk, we could only get to Lidl for shopping late in the afternoon.   When we got there, all the half-price minced beef was gone.  I had planned to get a lot, and can it the following week.   I was really bothered that I had missed the sale.   That next Monday, though, I came down with the virus and there was no way I could have done any canning during that week, and the meat sitting in the fridge would have been a sourse of stress to us, and not of blessing.    I am a slow learner despite many experiences with seeing how God does all things well.

This week has been glorious in weather, and seen me gaining some strength after having another bug on Monday.    I’ve been attempting to get things done in and for the garden.   I now think that raised beds have limited my options quite a bit, which is frustrating, yet also think that if we sell this house, the raised beds will prove to be better than huge areas of the garden dug up.   I do wish I could have more land to plant it – preferably my own, but I would be glad of an allotment as well.

I hope to get a few things done this weekend in the garden.  Because of my space limitations I do tend to dither about where to put things, when if I had more space I would be more decisive and confident.    Hopefully by the end of the weekend, though, I will have things in a state worthy of a few pictures to share.

Yesterday I made butter.   I used around 725 mls of double cream (quite old) and it made 391 grams of butter, plus buttermilk.    Dd2 and I used up nearly all the butter in no-bake cookies later in the afternoon.  I bought more cream on sale a couple of weeks ago and plan to make more butter with it.   If I can get cream on sale, it is a cheaper way of providing butter unless butter is on a really good sale which is rare.

Yesterday I received several small items for cheese-making.   I’m excited about starting to learn to make cheeses.   In the picture are a packet of starter culture (this makes a sort of buttermilk liquid), vegetarian and animal rennets, and a little mold for Neufchatel.

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