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Plum Jam

July 12, 2011

Yesterday evening dh and I, and our two daughters went to pick plums in a nearby town.   A friend had told us about there being plum trees in certain areas and that they were covered in fruit.  He was absolutely right.    We picked 37 kg of three different sorts of plums – we met a woman also picking plums who told us what they were.  She said we were the first people she had seen there besides herself picking the plums, and our friend had also said he saw no one besides himself picking – except for children picking the odd ones.

So this week besides canning a load of ground beef that I got on Saturday at Lidl, I am making jam.   And I hope that we go get more plums if I manage to get the ones we got last night made into jam the next couple of days.   After all, it’s free food!   Some are even good to eat just as fruit.

The plums are a cherry-plum (I’m assuming it’s a hybrid but I don’t know) and Mirabelle, which have their origins in the Lorraine area of France.   There is a third, smaller and sweeter, which look like store-bought deep purple plums, that I don’t know the name of.     We’re saving some seeds from each type as presumably if they grow well a few miles away they will grow well here too.

So far today I’ve made a batch of Mirabelle jam.  Here it is in the kettle:

And here on some bread is the dregs from the kettle after I jarred the jam (I did these jars the British way with wax seals and cellophane tops as I don’t intend to store them for long):

Currently on the go are the small sweet plums – they are in the foreground in this picture:

The ones on top are the cherry plums.   I’m not sure if I’ll get three batches done today but I just might!  It’s been fun looking for recipes beyond the plain jam, too.   I am going to try doing a vanilla – star anise- Mirabelle one tomorrow I think.

I hope to get some Rowans and some crab apples soon too.

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