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Thoughts on weaving in and some new plants

September 14, 2011

First, the new plants.   They are called Money Plants in the UK, but I grew up calling them Jade Plants.   I bought these for 50 pence each.  They sat with loads of others in a box raising money for some animal charity.  I saw them when dh and I were buying drinks before our amateur radio club meeting, and I thought I would get one or two.   I think they might look nice in some blue and white china containers, don’t you?

2 jade plants in front of pumpkins

Last night after going to bed I thought instead of trying to get further with making or joining squares, I would weave in some ends.  I find working with a blanket with loads of yarn-tails flying about very distracting.  I also don’t want to have 100 squares’ worth of darning or weaving in to do, so I like to do them bit by bit.  I don’t do each square, usually, but after I have a few squares, or have joined on a few squares, it seems a good idea.  It’s also a way for me to keep working on the project and not risk RSI, as the motions are different, but I still have the satisfaction of progressing a bit – getting a few steps closer to a finished project.

I thought I would do it in a bit of style though, so I put on my bedside lamp and lit a candle:

After I stopped I thought I would record my result:

And here is a picture of the back side of the summer garden throw – still a few tails but considerably fewer than there were last night.   I’ve got a few squares and partial squares done too, so as far as making squares go, I am more than 36 % of the way to the 100 squares.

Back of 36 summer garden squares



I just went out in the garden to have a look.  I’m pleased that so many things are still growing and it looks like at least some of the tomatoes will have a chance to ripen on the vine.   I really do not want to have to make a huge load of green tomatoe chutney or piccalilli which are about the only things I know to do with green tomatoes .   I took off some foliage from some of the plants so more light could get to the fruits.    There is a metaphor here – do I have things in my life that are in the way of the “Sonlight” and keeping my fruit from ripening?

I had a look at the beans and the pumpkin vines – I spotted this fellow and couldn’t see how he was attached.  It turns out he was no longer attached – his stem was dried up and had come off the vine.   So I cleaned him off and brought him into the house so he could have his picture taken.  Isn’t he handsome?


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