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September 15, 2011

The summer garden is finishing.  One of the lessons I have learned this year is that next year, I need to protect my brassicas from  the cabbage white butterfly whose children are just eating my cabbages and brussel sprouts right up!     I’m trying to be a bit more pro-active about protecting the winter vegetables I’ve planted but I think a lot of pigeons have gotten to them anyway.

I’m hoping we will have enough mild weather that the tomatoes can ripen some more, and the pumpkins too.  Those, and a few more zucchini, are all that is out there now.   Tonight I think I gathered the last of the beans – if the weather here were different the plants could keep on going and make more, but I think they don’t like the cooler evenings.  This evening I was able to gather in a mess of runner beans and some ripe tomatoes:


I took some time to admire the hydrangea – I do love those.   I love seeing them when we go further south to visit my mother in law or on holiday – I think the slightly warmer climate allows them to grow much better.

Do you spy the little violets in one of the pictures above?

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