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Dinner part 2

September 16, 2011

The younger children and I decided to make Pasties (not Cornish, as we don’t live in Cornwall so maybe I should give them another name other than just “pasty”) for this evening’s dinner.   Fortunately I looked up the recipe in time to notice that it needs 3 hours of chilling time before you can work it.    So I made the dough – tripling the recipe for our large (ish) family.     My mixer, which had been struggling in some way for a while,  finally dropped a screw out while it was kneading the dough and kept trying to spring the arm up.  I leant on it for the remaining kneading time.    It’s going to need some work before I can use it again though.

I don’t have all the correct ingredients for our pasties in order to make them “traditional Cornish style”  but I hope what I have will do.  Cheese and onion are not really Cornish but it’s a popular combination for some of us so at least we can do some of those.  I’m thinking of minced beef and bacon, mixed together, for another combination.   I will soon need to get chopping and dicing the onions and potatoes.  No swede here, though and apparently carrots are sacrilege!  (Don’t think I have any left anyway.)  I wonder about leeks, though, I do have some leeks in the garden that I could use.

Sad mixer:

Pasty dough:

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