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Night-time antics

September 30, 2011

Our two youngest chickens, 23 week old pekins, have decided that the top of the  brush pile is the place to roost at night.    This tells us that they are able to get out of their run.  I find it interesting because it shows they would prefer to be with the other hens, even if they get picked on,  because they stay in the run all day and only get out when it’s time to go to bed.  Unfortunately the top of the brush pile is not really a  safe place to be and so every night we have to go out and get them off the pile of sticks and nettles and whatever else,  and gently shove them into the nest box before closing everything up.

Here they are  on the pile which is about 5 foot high:


They have to work a bit to get things sorted to their liking:

Their names are Sarah and Dorothy.

Aren’t they pretty girls?  I so wish I had a better camera!


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