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Things to do with an old dress shirt

September 30, 2011

My husband gets through dress shirts at an average rate, I guess.  He wears out the elbows or the cuffs and even though the rest of the shirt is fine he can’t wear them to work  if the holes are obvious .  I could cut off the sleeve just above the worn-out bit to make it a short-sleeve shirt but it’s high enough that after doing the hem the sleeve would look too short, usually.

I got some cushions which I plan to cover with crochet work, but they need some fabric covers both to keep the cushion cleaner and also to make the cushion look better – most of the ones I got are made of some cheap fakey-looking fabric which would be visible through the holes in the granny squares.

I thought the body of a shirt I had would work well, and it was just big enough to cover an 18-inch cushion.

Measuring the shirt

Being the lazy girl I am, I thought that leaving the buttons and placket intact would mean I could use them as a way to fasten or unfasten the cover.   I sewed the placket together a bit at the top and the bottom and then I sewed all around the four sides with a 1/2 inch seam.     I thought it came out reasonably well.

Shirt cushion cover

This will be covered with some granny squares, as my son would like some crochet on it, but I can just imagine other cushions covered with plaid shirts or something, for a family room or boy’s bedroom.

Here is something else I did with some leftover shirt fabric:

Little house

This was based on a little house ornament I had received in a swap a few years ago.  I have a lot more detail on mine.  I was just in the mood to to something creative yesterday afternoon, so I thought I would try doing some applique’ which I haven’t really done before.   The doorknob is off the original shirt, and the fabrics for roof, chimney, door, windows and roses were things I had on hand.   I struggled with the chimney;  my spatial awareness wasn’t really in the groove and it took me a while to figure out how to place it so it would stand upright and not stick out to the side of the roof!       I hope to be able to get a lot more sewing done now that I am not suffering from migraines so much now.

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