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Garden, 4 October

October 4, 2011

Things are winding down, yet there are still some things growing.  Some will be finishing soon, like the tomatoes, and some will continue to grow and even flourish with the colder weather we are expecting later this week.  I am so thrilled that many of my tomatoes were able to ripen.  Not all have, but this year has been a pleasant contrast to previous times when I had to bring all the tomatoes in even though they were still green.

I think the tomatoes will have to come in, green or not, by the end of this week.  The beans also will be picked and with the cold weather, that will be the end of them.     A few pumpkins are still out there, and I’m waiting for their stems to wither so I can bring them in.

Brussel sprouts








last beans


ripe tomatoes!


last patty pan squash

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