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Basketmaking postponed

October 15, 2011

Friday before last I put some of the thicker willow rods in the PVC pipe DH got for me, to soak for 6-7 days.  Last Monday I added the thinner “weaver” rods.  I looked forward to the coming Friday when I planned to take a day off for myself and work on my basket.   Well things did not go according to plan.  The rods kept fighting back – I had not soaked them long enough even though the time had been within the parameters given in the instructions.   It was the shortest amount, for the weavers at least, and I think they needed more time.

I had over-soaked the rods for the rim and handle, which caused the bark to come off in places, and was anxious not to repeat the mistake.   But, after a few hours of wrestling with the project, and only becoming more and more frustrated, I decided to give up for the day and let the rods soak some more.  Hopefully I can take it up again on Monday.

I can already tell by the rim and handle that this baskets will not be as nice as the one I made under Carol H’s tutelage*.    That saddens me a bit, but it is only through doing will I learn.   So I hope to do my best, and have at least something I can carry things in or put things in – it will look very, very “rustic” and I will have to explain to anyone who sees it that no, it wasn’t my first one, it was my second one actually – the one done all by myself.

Perhaps I can arrange another tutoring session with Carol, to learn better how to make the rim and handle.    Working with her is a very nice day out for me, so perhaps if we go down to Cornwall again I can take a Friday, or perhaps I can even somehow manage to afford going down on my own for a weekend??  Yeah, right, dream on….   But you never know….

I think as I reflect on this project which is not going quite the way I would like it to have gone,  I remember what I am always saying to people who think about trying this or that craft – “you have to be willing to make mistakes”.   It takes humility  of a sort.  I will be a bit embarrassed about this basket, if I manage to finish it.  I will also have the pleasure of knowing I stuck it out.

I just hope I can finish it and not ruin all my materials with mistakes!

Then, hopefully, the next one will be better, and the next one even better, and so on.

*Carol Horsington runs Cornish Willow along with David Taylor.  You can visit their website here.

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