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Basket finished!

October 21, 2011

I worked on my simple frame basket for about seven hours yesterday.   I undid the start of the weaving and tried to do it better second time around.   Yesterday I did most of the weaving, finally finishing just before 7:30 which was when I left with my husband to pick up the girls from children’s club at our chapel and then get some things to go with our ripe tomatoes in order to make salsa today.    I was so keen to finish yesterday!   My arm was a bit sore last night but I was so happy.

The pictures of the unfinished basket were taken yesterday, because there was still light.   The ones of the finished basket I took today as I finished yesterday after sundown.

unfinished basket

bottom of unfinished basket

Here are a few shots of the finished basket, indoor and out:

finished basket in garden

basket on lawn chair

basket on table

another view

It will not win any prizes, but I learned a lot, and I’m still smiling at it.     Next up – learning to do the rim and handle better!   Meanwhile this one can hold stuff and can stand on the table by itself, so TA-DAH!

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