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The “Marlis”

October 21, 2011

I began making this baby jacket last fall.  I had a vision of a baby girl named Marlis (to which I added the names Margaret after my favorite saint, and Providence).   Who knows if this child is real or just a figment of my longings.     At any rate, I set out to make a jacket for her.   The pattern I chose was quite challenging and its real name is “Clipper.”   I have the yarn to make the little hat and trousers but the main thing was the jacket.  I finished it a couple of months ago – I got stuck on a section and left it unfinished for quite a while.    During the summer I really felt I needed to finish this project, so I did.    It’s another thing of mine that is not perfect but is good enough and I did learn by doing it.

I realised yesterday that although I showed the jacket to a friend via email, I never posted it on my blog.    So here it is, the Marlis jacket.



front detail

back of Marlis jacket

The heart-shaped cable details came out so-so, especially on the main large one, but it will never be noticed on a jiggling baby, right?  I do like the polka-dot buttons in the back!

So there it is, the Marlis.   I’ll keep it for a while, perhaps there is hope yet chez Roses, otherwise, grandchildren?

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