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Nearly there

November 15, 2011


… with this stage of doing the kitchen, that is.   The receipt of the much-desired and now loved range, has been a bit of a “if you give a mouse a cookie” experience.     Having the range meant that my husband had to take out some kitchen units.  That meant less storage.  So we bought a dresser to replace the lost storage places.    I decided I’d paint it.

Then I decided that as there was now nothing there where the old oven used to be, and the dresser was not in its place yet, that we ought to paint that area, so we wouldn’t have to unload the dresser and move it when we eventually painted the kitchen (which really needs some sprucing up).    Hopefully that will be done today by my oldest son.

The dresser is just about done, except for a tiny area that needs touching up, and taking off the masking tape, and installing the new drawer pulls (which haven’t arrived yet).       I’m really looking forward to getting it all in place.    I know that I probably won’t fit everything in (especially as a big drawer in the kitchen broke – too bad it wasn’t the unit dear husband took out to make space for the range! )  but perhaps I don’t need so many cooking and baking dishes anyway. I can put some in boxes for the older children to take with them when they move out, or keep for when we get a bigger house.

I will be glad when the front room is no longer dominated by the dresser (it’s the only place I could paint it) and the dining area is no longer covered by kitchen equipment.

Here are some pictures of things as they are today.  I apologise for the poor quality, at this time of year it’s very hard to get decent photographs indoors, even though to my eyes it’s fairly light in here.

Bottom of dresser:

Bottom of dresser

Top of dresser, with its drawers sitting on top

This is the space where the dresser will go – – the shelf unit will be moved along with all the other things.  Our house is like one of those tile puzzles where you have to move pieces around and out of the way before you can move the piece you really want to move into position!

Where oven used to be, and where dresser will go


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