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81 squares!

November 1, 2011

I’ve completed and sewn together 81 squares of my summer flower blanket.    Nineteen more to go!, but they have all at least been started.  Then making sure I’ve sewn all ends in  (have been doing that as I go along, but have missed some) and then the border, which will go much more quickly than the squares.   I hope to finish this within two weeks – if all goes well I think I can do it!

81 squares


Between the summer and winter garden

November 1, 2011

A bit of winter cabbage.


 This is some kind of winter green but I have lost my notebook telling me what it is!!

unknown winter green

 A medium (small to US folk!) pumpkin waiting to be pulled.


One of our new chickens. Her name is Snowbelle. (Light Sussex)


tomatoes and pumpkins

A  view of  some of our harvest.  Deo Gratias!

New range! And answered prayer

October 30, 2011

This is a big answer to prayer.   I saw an ad on Freecycle last week for a Rangemaster 1100.   I barely dared hope that I could get it.  The man offering it let everyone who wanted to, put their name in and he let his cat choose it somehow.      (Not really, but that is the story!).  I asked my husband if it would be alright if I put my name in (because he would be doing most of the work to get the kitchen ready for it) , and he said yes, so I did.

I  don’t normally pray very directly for material things – I generally just make noises in God’s direction about “I’d like it but whatever is your will, Lord and I know I have everything we need….”  Which is good in its own way, and maybe appropriate for most of the time – I  want to always have an attitude of thanksgiving and not get too greedy.  But I had wanted one of these ranges for a long time now, and this was an opportunity to get one for free!   So, I asked others to pray and I asked God myself for it – this time very directly.    “Lord, I would really like this range.  Please would you give it to me.”    Quite specific, and quite unusual for me.   I did this partly because of what a friend shared with me about being or not being like the older brother in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.   More on that another time, maybe.

In the days before the draw/choicemaking, I thought about what we’d need to do, and about how we would have to go about things.    I don’t normally allow myself to dream and plan that much, but this time I did.      I almost had an assurance that I would get it – again very unusual for me.    And then on Wednesday night – I got the word that I got it!

I was – and am – so thankful for this big blessing.   It was the second major prayer that I prayed last week.   The first was about the new chicken which had escaped and was on the loose for 2 nights.  We were all worried and upset.  Yet God delivered this pet safely back to us.  (Photos another day.)

I feel so blessed recently, so thankful.   I have far to go in some ways, of learning to be content in all things, but I am amazed and grateful for the answers to prayer I have lately received.    There have been such long periods of God saying “no” that this almost feels strange to me – but I am enjoying the plain of easy footing which God has set me on for the time being.

Rangemaster 1100


Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!  Psalm 34:8
Because we had to take out cabinets in order to fit the range, we are now short of storage space, so we went out yesterday and bought a second-hand Welsh dresser.  I plan to do it up in shabby chic colours.     I hope to show the progress as I go.

We’re not moving, but…

October 27, 2011

… things are afoot!

kitchen changes



Sorry for the awful photos – I really wish I had a camera better than my smartphone, but never mind!


The “Marlis”

October 21, 2011

I began making this baby jacket last fall.  I had a vision of a baby girl named Marlis (to which I added the names Margaret after my favorite saint, and Providence).   Who knows if this child is real or just a figment of my longings.     At any rate, I set out to make a jacket for her.   The pattern I chose was quite challenging and its real name is “Clipper.”   I have the yarn to make the little hat and trousers but the main thing was the jacket.  I finished it a couple of months ago – I got stuck on a section and left it unfinished for quite a while.    During the summer I really felt I needed to finish this project, so I did.    It’s another thing of mine that is not perfect but is good enough and I did learn by doing it.

I realised yesterday that although I showed the jacket to a friend via email, I never posted it on my blog.    So here it is, the Marlis jacket.



front detail

back of Marlis jacket

The heart-shaped cable details came out so-so, especially on the main large one, but it will never be noticed on a jiggling baby, right?  I do like the polka-dot buttons in the back!

So there it is, the Marlis.   I’ll keep it for a while, perhaps there is hope yet chez Roses, otherwise, grandchildren?

Basket finished!

October 21, 2011

I worked on my simple frame basket for about seven hours yesterday.   I undid the start of the weaving and tried to do it better second time around.   Yesterday I did most of the weaving, finally finishing just before 7:30 which was when I left with my husband to pick up the girls from children’s club at our chapel and then get some things to go with our ripe tomatoes in order to make salsa today.    I was so keen to finish yesterday!   My arm was a bit sore last night but I was so happy.

The pictures of the unfinished basket were taken yesterday, because there was still light.   The ones of the finished basket I took today as I finished yesterday after sundown.

unfinished basket

bottom of unfinished basket

Here are a few shots of the finished basket, indoor and out:

finished basket in garden

basket on lawn chair

basket on table

another view

It will not win any prizes, but I learned a lot, and I’m still smiling at it.     Next up – learning to do the rim and handle better!   Meanwhile this one can hold stuff and can stand on the table by itself, so TA-DAH!

Basketmaking resumed

October 20, 2011

On Tuesday, having given the willow more time to soak, I picked up the basket again, and had another go.  This time it was much better.  I was very excited and pleased, and it really restored my confidence that I could at least learn this skill.  The rods were much pleasanter and well-behaved.   I just did a bit of it, enough to feel that progress had been made.  Unfortunately yesterday I was not able to do any more due to migraine, but I hope to have another go today.

Here are some pictures.

From last Friday:

This is the pipe that the rods soak in. The bucket was to keep them submerged as they float!

rods coming out of pipe


Different colours of willow


Here is where I got to on Tuesday, after starting completely over.

first steps


other side


Hopefully more to come….